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High Demand Jobs

Find well-paying occupations that businesses need.

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Programs & Training

Explore training opportunities that can advance your career.

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Grow your Brand

Build your resumé and establish a social media presence.


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One destination, many dreams

Career Planning

FloridaShines is a service of the State University System of Florida and the Florida College System that helps students find and register for distance learning courses. The system offers assistance with applying for scholarships, receiving free textbooks, transferring schools, planning for the future and so much more. As an extension of Florida's Virtual Campus (FLVC) and MyCareerShines, FloridaShines complements their current education and career planning system which offers assistance with preparing for life after college. Visit MyCareerShines for more information!

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Priority of Service

 Veterans, Persons with Disabilities, and Young Adults

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Helping veterans and their families enter or return to the workforce is our privilege. Discover how your skills can translate into professional assets in a civilian workplace. Get connected with career advice, resume assistance, and employers who value those that have given their service to our country.

Persons With Disabilities

Assisting individuals with disabilities to take the next step towards independence and find work is very important to us. Discover how your talents can help businesses enhance their services. Leverage your strengths, explore resources for skill development, and connect with employers who are committed to hiring individuals with unique abilities.

Young Adults

We are committed to helping our youth develop the skills needed to succeed in tomorrow's workforce. Discover how your interests can help you find a job that will be enjoyable and motivate you to begin a career. Capture the attention of an employer by creating your own marketing tools to promote your personal brand.